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7/9/20 – People v. RC

Gates Town Court – Sexual Abuse – Dismissed

3/20/20 – People v. JY

Perinton Town Court – Assault in the Second Degree – Charges Dismissed

3/4/20 – People v. AR

Rochester City Court – Harassment – Dismissed

2/14/20 – People v. AW

Monroe County Court – Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance – Charges Dismissed

10/20/19 – People v GD

Rochester City Court – Assault 3rd and Unlawful Imprisonment – DISMISSED

3/20/19 People v. LO

Monroe County – Assault second and Criminal Possession of a Weapon –  DISMISSED

8/18/17 – People v. DP

Irondequoit Town Court – Harassment DISMISSED

3/28/17 – People v. KH

Rochester City Court – Harassment DISMISSED

4/25/16 – People v. TN

Monroe County Court – Criminal Possession of a Weapon – NOT GUILTY

6/18/14 – People v. TN

Ontario County Court – Criminal Sale of Controlled substance – NOT GUILTY



6/15/20 People v. TW

Rochester City Court – DWAI Drugs Dismissed



7/2/18 People v. MR

Rochester City Court – DWI DISMISSED


Traffic Violations

7/8/20 – People v. JV

Rome City Court – Speeding Dismissed

7/8/20 – People v. AF

Verona Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

6/29/20 – People v. HK

Windsor Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

6/24/20 – People v. HG

Campbell Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

6/23/20 – People v. JH

Avoca Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

6/23/20 – People v. CC

Elbridge Town Court – Agg Unlicensed Operation (misd)

6/19/20 – People v. SF

Bath Town Court – Fail to Yield Right of Way – Dismissed

6/19/20 – People v. TP

Cohocton Town Court – Speeding – Dismissed

6/19/20 – People v. JH

Lindley Town Court – Speeding – Dismissed

6/18/20 – People v. RB

Lindley Town Court – Speeding – Dismissed

6/18/20 – People v. JH

Avoca Town Court – Speeding – Dismissed

6/18/20 – People v. AS

Bath Town Court – Fail to Stop/Stop Sign – Dismissed

6/17/20 – People v. HG

Campbell Town Court – Speeding – Dismissed

3/19/20 – People v. DS

Geneseo Town Court – Improper Signal/Driving Left of Markings – Dismissed

3/5/20 – People v. DS

Cayuga Heights Village Court – Speeding Dismissed

3/2/20 – People v. HN

Greece Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

2/25/20 – People v. SP

Wayland Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

2/13/20 – People v. HS

Deerfield Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

1/27/20 – People v. EP

Nichols Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

1/15/20 – People v. GF

West Sparta Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

1/8/20 – People v. DL

Vernon Town Court – Speeding

1/8/20 – People v. DM

Otego Town Court – Speeding Dismissed

1/8/20 – Peopl v. LC

Cairo Town Court – Fail to Move Over for Emergency Vehicle

11/25/19 People v. DS

Croton-on-Hudson – Speeding Dismissed

10/16/19 People v. RB

Liberty Town Court – Speeding DISMISSED

8/10/19 People v. RS

Farmington Town Court – Several traffic matters DISMISSED

11/23/18 People v. DM

Village of Warsaw – Speeding charges DISMISSED

11/21/18 People v. MS

North Dansville Town court – Fail to Move Over – DISMISSED

10/10/18 People v KU

Warsaw Village Court – Speeding DISMISSED

7/2/18 People v JL

Moreau Town Court – Speeding DISMISSED

4/16/18 People v. BS

Triangle Town Court – Speeding DISMISSED

2/21/18 People v RH

Colonie Town Court – Traffic Matter DISMISSED

2/14/18 People v MV

Cortlandville Town Court – Speeding DISMISSED

11/16/17 People v. AG

Ghent Town Court Cell Phone DISMISSED

10/18/17 People v. GG

Earlville Village Court – Speeding and Unlicensed DISMISSED

8/31/17 People v. AV

Little Falls Town Court – Speeding and Fail to Signal DISMISSED

8/14/17 People v. CJ

Trenton Town Court – Speeding DISMISSED

8/3/17 People v. WM

Warsaw Village Court – Speeding DISMISSED

7/26/17 People v ML

Wayland Town Court – Fail to Move Over – DISMISSED


CPL 440/Coram Nobis (Vacating Convictions)

2/1/20 – People v. BF

Otsego Town Court – DWI Conviction reversed and vacated

1/14/20 – People v. KL

Allegany County Court – Speeding

1/10/20 – People v. JC

Victor Town Court – Speeding Ticket vacated

12/19/19 – People v. EG – T/Angelica

Denial of 440 Appeal reversed – Speeding tickets vacated

12/15/19 – People v. JB

Ulster Town Court – Speeding Vacated

12/10/19 – People v. WD

Geneva City Court – Speeding Vacated

Commercial Driver

8/6/19 People v. JO

Bath Town Court – CDL traffic tickets DISMISSED


6/8/20 Conviction Reversed – US v. Jeremy Thompson

Federal Court – Second Circuit Court of Appeals

10/25/19 People v. DP

Ontario County Court – Speeding Conviction Reversed and Dismissed

James L. Riotto Attorney Photo
James L. Riotto
Criminal Defense Lawyer

James L. Riotto is an accomplished criminal defense attorney serving clients in New York. With an extensive background in law enforcement and criminal prosecution, his approach to each case is unique and informed by years of experience with the New York criminal justice system. As a graduate from Albany Law School and before going on to start his own practice, James worked at the Albany County District Attorney's Office, where he helped prosecute many DWI offenses. His inside knowledge of the tactics used to gain convictions provides him with a particular advantage when defending against DUI and other criminal charges.

Adam Staier Attorney Photo
Adam Staier
Of Counsel

About Attorney Adam Staier has spent the last seven years practicing criminal defense law throughout upstate New York and the Capital Region. He began his legal career through internships in civil law, indigent legal representation and federal energy law regulation. Finding a passion in criminal law, Mr. Staier held internships handling both prosecution and defense…

  • What to do if pulled over for a DUI

    How to deal with a DWI traffic stop

    How you handle getting pulled over for a DUI/DWI can significantly affect your defense down the road. For instance, declining the officer's request to search your vehicle and avoiding specific answers when asked about any substances you may have consumed could help you when combating DUI/DWI charges in court.
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    I was very grateful that Jim Riotto went above and beyond when it came to my case. And I didn't have any way of compensated him for all the work he did beyond a certain point between myself and generous friends. He knew that I was not guilty and that...

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    woody turtledragon

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    A very efficacious and courteous service ! I definitely recommend it !

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    Wael Sboui

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    He is my son old lawyer he do a great job

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    Barbara Anderson

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    I hired Mr. Riotto to represent me in a traffic case, he and all staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any and all questions. The office stayed in constant communication with me throughout the course of the case and we’re always promp...

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    heather sebastian

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    Delivered on everything they said, and got the best outcome for me!

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    Richard TymchyK

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